Lifting Gear LGI /DROPS Inspection

At present, one of the most requested services is Lifting Gear LGI /DROPS Inspection to develop a dropped objects prevention procedure. We are one of the most specialised companies globally in the provision of this service, specifically for drilling rigs and floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) units.


Drops Survey is a type of inspection focused on eliminating the risk of incidents, injuries and fatalities caused by dropped or loose objects due to inadequate fixation in all areas of drilling and FPSO units. The main purpose of the survey is to identify unstable equipment or accessories that could potentially harm people or threaten asset integrity, to ensure that human life and valuable items are preserved and kept safe. We are also capable of providing training courses for the rig crew to develop a routine inspection and implement an effective management system when an object is dropped.


Lifting Gear LGI /DROPS Inspection are to be performed and documented according to statutory, class, and company requirements. The inspector shall have the necessary external and internal approvals to perform the inspection/control according to valid requirements to the specific equipment type/category. Approved procedures and checklists covering the scope of work of the specific inspection will be used and the results will be documented on Equip, IPROS inspection software (application, and client’s system when applicable.


  • Verification of documentation, certificates, etc.

  • Review of the previous inspection reports

  • Maintenance and equipment history

  • Control of analysis of oil and grease from cranes

  • Use of lifting appliance in relation to design lifespan and assessment needed for initiating lifespan analysis

  • Condition control (including marking)

  • Test of all functions, safety functions, and limit switches

  • Test of all emergency operation systems and functions

  • Measurement of wear and tear

  • Visual inspection

  • Wire rope sheave and wire rope inspection

  • Reporting and signing for completed control